An introduction

Whether you’re visiting our website for the first time or you’re a returning user, you may at some point have wondered… what is a ‘moneybean'? Or just generally, what is the purpose of this website? All valid questions…

Let's remove the dull facade of finance and be accessible to all

moneyBeans aims to provide you with simple financial tools with none of the bells-and-whistles. Just clean, comprehensible and accurate calculations and descriptions all whilst keeping your personal information safe.

moneyBeans uses the latest available government financial rates and figures to perform our calculations and we assume that there are exactly:

  • 12 months per year
  • 52 weeks per year
  • 365 days per year
  • Only so much time in our day

The story of moneyBeans

Our story is a simple one; a tale of two web developers chatting over a pint and some messy scrawling on the back of a discarded newspaper.

With years of experience developing websites for different service industries, particularly financial services, we knew what we did and didn’t like about navigating the overly-complex world of online finances.

Yes, there are many larger corporate websites and tools to calculate your personal finances. But almost all of them take you through pages and pages of information, littered with financial jargon and unnecessary steps before you find exactly what you need.

Life can be busy and it’s safe to say that most of us probably don’t want to spend a long afternoon trying to calculate our everyday personal finances.

Joe Bloggs just wants to find out what he can expect to receive in his pay check at the end of the month, without pages of filler information and using language he can understand without a financial qualification.

Every great story starts with a name… ‘moneybeans’ was a lighthearted suggestion but one that stuck - why does everything financial have to be serious and unapproachable anyway?

The internet is for everyone

As the world becomes more connected and reliant on the internet, the diversity of people accessing online information also increases. All of these people have different needs; for example, some may be visually impaired or have different requirements when accessing websites and online content - this is called web accessibility.

Web accessibility is a fairly new concept and is ever-evolving; unfortunately something that the majority of websites do not consider when creating their online tools and content. This can make it almost impossible in some cases for people to access the same services that the traditionally ‘expected’ user can.

We’re passionate about web accessibility at moneybeans and our entire website has been developed and thoroughly tested to ensure that everyone can access any of our tools and content consistently, no matter your specific requirements, the mobile phone you use, or desktop browser you use!

Our values

  1. Commitment to our users: our users’ wants and needs should be prioritised; always asking ourselves ‘does this feature actually help someone'
  2. Accessibility: everything we build should always be as accessible to as many people as possible
  3. Simplicity: a promise to never over-complicate any of our tools
  4. Constant self-improvement: we’ll never settle for second-best, if we can improve something for our users we will
  5. Remove the dull facade of finance: finances aren’t fun but let’s always try to make our tools approachable and engaging

Looking to the future

We’ve got an ever-growing list of exciting new features we’re looking to add to the site to help you navigate your everyday finances. We’re always revisiting our existing tools to improve your experience using our site and would love any feedback and suggestions you have to offer!

We may be small but we’re trying to change the way we think about online financial information. Always keep a moneybean in your back pocket…